Friday, April 18th, 2014

My First Year as a MOM: Restaurants, Playgroup & Hockey!


Happy Mother’s Day everyone! For a blog blast today I am remembering way back to when I first became a mom, its only 5 1/2 years ago really but it seems like forever now! Things were much simpler with just one baby and now as I try to prepare myself for the 4th baby its fun to think back to those times. 2 members of the Parent Blogggers Network started their own venture with Rookie Moms. They are celebrating the release of their book A Rookie Mom’s handbook and are interested in what outings moms take their babies on that first year.

I was completely looking forward to “staying home” with my son but I didn’t want to actually be home all the time. At first I didn’t know any other moms that stayed home and Ethan couldn’t do anything yet so outings were much more about me. I would go out with my grandmother all of the time. We’d just go on errands and out to lunch (a lot) and it was really nice. Right from the start we took Ethan to eat out, his first place was Friendly’s after his 2 week doctor visit. I quickly realized that I had no problem breastfeeding him in public and he ate along with us there no problem. Since then all 3 of my kids have been eating out at various types of places and are pretty well behaved (geez am I jinxing myself here since we are going out for Mother’s Day tonight?). Its great because I can go out to lunch now with my mom and friends and John and I go out to dinner with all the kids and it usually is very enjoyable.

Okay back to that first year, somewhere when Ethan was about 6 months old I started thinking I needed to make some mom friends. I joined La Leche League because I figured I’d meet some like-minded woman. Turns out I wasn’t interested in the meetings (I love breastfeeding my kids but I would rather talk about other stuff) so luckily I met a great group of moms there and we started doing things on our own. Now 5 years later we are all still getting together for playgroups at the park or someone’s house and “girls night out” dinners. Look what fun moms we were letting the babies play in a stream! Hey, we still do that now!

A great family activity we did starting when Ethan was 10 days old was going to our local AHL hockey games. We had season tickets from before Ethan was born until last year (this year with 3 kids it was too expensive and we had too many other things to do like the boys own hockey games!). I am sure some people must have thought we were crazy to take an infant but he was great at the games (even as he got to be a toddler) and we got to still do something we loved. I think it helped him become a sound sleeper as well, here he is at 1 month old sleeping through a noisy game!

When summer came along we of course went to some baseball games, I think this is Ethan’s first one! As a family we also took him to Niagra Falls, Grandma Penguin’s lake and camping in Maine all his first year.

So basically my advice is to keep doing as much stuff as you can thats the same as before you had kids and make some connections with other moms so you can do things with them that are more kid oriented and still fun for you. When you’re desperate for something to do head out to the park, there are always other moms there and if you hit it off with someone be brave enough to exchange numbers and meet there again.

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