Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Podcasts and Audiobooks for Teens


I’ve been listening to a lot of podiobooks and audible books lately and find myself saying “the kids will love this…when they’re older”. Since some of our readers have older kids or are themselves young at heart I decided to post a list of some of my favorites. These are all for the Harry Potter crowd and are stories I really enjoyed.

Free stories from Podiobooks Books

Here are some other great podiobooks suitable for mom or dad

I’m sure there are others I have forgotten, but this is a great list to get you over 100 hours of audiobooks, most of it free. If you have an ipod and spend any time in the car, train, or are taking a long summer trip, please download a few of these and try them out. is a great site for getting audiobooks and it is important to support these authors so they keep giving us more great content.

I find it funny looking at this list. The majority of these I listened to in the last year, but if someone asked me what I’m reading I would tell them that with 3 kids and too many home improvement projects in progress, I don’t have time to read. Yet here is a list of novels that I’ve enjoyed while driving back and forth to work.

Do you have any favorite audiobooks that aren’t on my list? I am always looking for more.

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One Response to “Podcasts and Audiobooks for Teens”
  1. Evo says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the shout-out, and for sharing some of our books with your audience. :)


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