Saturday, April 19th, 2014

I’m starting to come to terms with Jamie not being a baby anymore (it helps that I have another little girl on the way to look forward to babyness again). I figure once she hits 2 in less than a month I might get a bit teary eyed though.  She is not quite at the [...]

John and I were married 9 years ago today! I never would have imagined how wonderful our life would turn out together. I knew he’d be a great husband and dad (thats of course why I picked him!) but I didn’t know just how great and I didn’t know how lucky we’d be right now [...]

You have until Friday to enter our My Fruit Roll-Up contest and win a box of 30 that YOU DESIGN, to enter CLICK HERE!

The boys play so nicely together (about 1/2 the time anyway) and they even include Jamie when she isn’t messing their stuff up! I love how we’ve been rotating toys all the time because they will entertain themselves for such a long time when we get out something that has been away. The bristle blocks [...]

A few weeks ago I was using our carpet cleaner in the aftermath of having all 3 kids sick.  I learned a new lesson…don’t walk over damp carpet wearing old Crocs and step onto hardwood steps.  Luckily I only bounced a few steps before stopping.  Unluckily, I bounced on my right foot most of the [...]

The other day I was listening to Jumping Monkeys and something Leo said really hit home for.  The person they were interviewing make a joking complain about something their little kids were doing and Leo said “I wish my kids still did that”.  He then explained how he misses the time when his kids were [...]

This was the second year that we went to a model airplane demonstration on Father’s Day, it was a lot like last year only the boys met another little boy who also happened to bring a Transformer with him as well and the 3 of them played in our minivan about 1/3 of the time [...]

I was very excited when I read that this week’s Unplugged Project was PLASTIC because I knew I wouldn’t have to buy anything (not that I have for any of the projects so far actually) and there are so many great things to do with plastic items you would otherwise recycle or have to throw [...]

YOU CAN ENTER HERE TO WIN A BOX OF FRUIT ROLL-UPS THAT YOU DESIGN! Fruit Roll-Ups are definitely one of those lunch bag snacks I loved as a kid and now our boys love them too. When I told Ethan he could eat whatever he wanted at his hockey team’s end of season party he [...]

Today I’m writing about BREAKFAST and our morning routine for the Parent Bloggers Network as part of a contest sponsored by KRAFT BAGEL-FULS. I’m not really a morning person and so my best bet is to get as much stuff ready the night before as possible so that we can avoid being late when its [...]