Thursday, April 24th, 2014

I haven’t posted about my chickens in quite a while and they are turning into characters! I let them have free run of the yard now when we’re home and they are fun to watch. Today I finally finished painting their coop that John built (and will blog with the plans once he shingles the [...]

After staying up past 1AM to watch the Olympics I was not thrilled to say the least to wake at 7:30 to a living room carpet COVERED in dog poop! I know which dog it was because Casey is a walk while she poops kind of dog and so she really spread things out. To [...]

The Parent Bloggers Network and are teaming up to sponsor this week’s blog blast and want to know, what was your best bargain find EVER? I have made some great sale purchases at real stores (love The Children’s Place when they have sales with 50% off already reduced prices) BUT the truly amazing bargains [...]

We have been using reusable grocery bags from Wegmans (our favorite local grocery store) for the past year and they are great for groceries BUT they are big to store in the car so I keep them in the kitchen (which has led to me forgetting to bring them a couple of times). The Wegmans [...]

I found this GREAT and easy Jello idea and I HAD to try it and pass it on so that every Jello loving family I know can enjoy it too! Click over to the Huber Hof Academy blog for full directions but basically you make Jello normally except (after you mix your boiling water in) [...]

Storynory is having a contest for a free iPod Touch if you fill our their survey before August 30th.  Winner to be announced September 15th. Make sure you try out their podcast too.  Storynory has great, FREE, audio stories for kids.  We listened through all the available stories last winter during our weekend drives to [...]

Its been awhile since we’ve been able to do an Unplugged Project and I kept meaning to think of some great idea for HOT but … nothing! Then I realized that even though we didn’t do anything for the project we did do a few things that happen to fit with it. We LOVE backyard [...]

Yesterday I goofed and put up THREE posts by accident (thats what I get for trying to write ahead). Anyway now I’ll be taking the rest of the weekend off from blogging as a result!

Yesterday I took the kids down the road to a U-pick blueberry patch with my friend Gretchen and her 2 kids. We were only there a few minutes when a big bumble bee was on Jamie’s face up under the brim of her hat. I shooed the bee away only for it to come right [...]

I haven’t done a Blog Blast in awhile so I decided to join the Parent Bloggers Network and Burger King for their current Blog Blast: Are you THAT Family? They are looking for people’s “dinner out with the kids” horror stories: “tell us what you do now to avoid the food on the walls, juice [...]