Sunday, April 20th, 2014

Poor chickens


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  • I’m feeling cranky, my kids are sick and my chickens are getting killed!
  • First we lost my family’s chicken Henrietta (above) right before Easter (not sure what happened to her but she was old and not acting herself right before she disappeared) but now our 6 chickens that we raised from chicks last spring are getting attacked. Friday evening we found Loretta badly hurt and John had me mostly convinced that it was a broody Princess Leia who turned on her fellow chicken because she was being territorial of the coop. Loretta is still hanging on but not looking good and I am not sure she can make it. Then today I looked all over the yard for Lola and couldn’t find her and then when John came home he found feathers from her by a tree. So one of my favorite birds is gone today and another is suffering. I’m now thinking both were attacked by hawks or some other animal. I HATE this part having pet chickens. It almost makes me wish we hadn’t gotten them. At least Lola probably died quickly, I really feel worse for Loretta and now I’m thinking that they are all sitting ducks. We now just have 4 healthy birds left! Lola was the black and white Wyandotte and Loretta is one of the Ameraucanas, the closest chicken in the other picture.img_9849img_0511

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2 Responses to “Poor chickens”
  1. Loretta - not the chicken says:

    Sorry for all the unfortunate happenings. I guess the only good news is that Princess Leia has not gone to the dark side.

  2. Peter says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the chickens. How are the kids taking it? Maybe it’s time to get an emu to stand guard.

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