Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Why wasn’t there Tangerine Bubble Bath when I was a kid!


Nature’s Baby Organics was founded by a mom who just wasn’t happy with the baby products available for her two daughters’ sensitive skin. Natural, organic products made by a mom sounded great to me so I was eager to do a review. We were sent a bottle of the tangerine bubble bath and the kids and I were very happy with it. It smelled GREAT, like real tangerines (but when Ben used it for the first time he said “I like this, it smells just like watermelon”, he was wrong but I let him think it was watermelon ). As for bubbles… it was bubbly, not as bubbly as other products  we’ve used (which were not very good for the skin I’m sure) but bubbly enough to please the kids! My kids aren’t currently having sensitive skin issues but the older 3 have had bouts of eczema and anything that can help prevent that from happening again is great!

IMG_2144When the bubble bath arrived I decided Jillian was ready for her first bath in the big tub!

Nature’s Baby Organics currently has 22 items in their line (you can buy them online) and Target will be carrying the following 4 products:

8oz Shampoo/Body Washes in Vanilla Tangerineorganicshampoo

8oz Shampoo Body Wash in Lavender Chamomileshampoo-lav

8oz Fragrance-Free Face & Body Moisturizerorganic_moisturizer

12oz  Bubble Bath in Tangy Tangerine1301BB-TT-250px

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