Sunday, April 20th, 2014

Minted Classroom Valentines!


We loved our Minted holiday cards and I was so excited that we got the chance to do another Minted review! Minted is an online store featuring a unique and modern assortment of personalized photo cards, wedding invitations, and other personalized stationery and gifts, all designed by indie designers.  They recently launched a 2012 Valentine’s Day Card and Gift Collection.  Their collection includes classroom Valentine’s Day cards – the cards are perfect for your kids to hand out at school!   Now Jamie is getting to hand out Minted Valentine’s Day cards with her picture to all her friends and teachers! I had a lot of fun personalizing some of the designs (I always go for the photo options) and I really loved the Little Birdie card that I paired with a great picture of her in a brown embroidered dress (it went so perfectly with the card design) BUT I really knew I had to design a purple card for my purple girl! I ended up saving about 6 different cards in the “my saved designs” on the Minted site and then I let Jamie choose her favorite, she picked the Queen of Hearts card in the purple color option (many cards have other color options and this one comes in pink or purple). She also asked to use a picture of herself in a purple jacket to match! I really like that she is giving out a Valentine that she chose, personalized with her picture and most importantly it has her name already on it. Writing around 30 Valentines is a lot for a kindergartener so its great that she just needs to write her friends names and can skip doing her own (my kids have had a few crying episodes trying to write last minute Valentines in a hurry). When you have boys choosing Valentines can be a tricky thing but Minted has quite a few fun cards geared towards boys that aren’t mushy (I am partial to all the robot ones!). Hmm I can’t figure out how to copy and paste the ones I designed but here are some of my favorites from the Minted site (including the one Jamie picked!):



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One Response to “Minted Classroom Valentines!”
  1. Lora says:

    WOW! Those are MUCH nicer cards than we used to have back in the day when I was a kid! I’m glad there was a purple option for Jamie:-) .

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