Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Enter my Crayola Summer Fun GIVEAWAY!


We LOVE Crayola here and the kids use their products all the time! We are also going on a LONG car ride this summer (to get to our favorite place in Maine) and we were very lucky to be sent an amazing assortment of Crayola products perfect for travel! I am extra excited because I can give my 3 year old Color Wonder products to use and won’t have to worry about her making a big mess in my recently shampooed minivan (she is quite a messy kid and normally that’s okay but I REALLY want to keep the minivan clean)! It works out perfectly that both girls sit next to each other and can share all of the Color Wonder products and the boys (both older) can share all of the Crayola Dry Erase products in the back row! It is one less thing to stress about for me because I now have some car distractions stashed away and I am not letting the kids see them until they need a surprise mid-travel! THANK YOU CRAYOLA!

As Crayola helps keep your kids occupied in the backseat this summer, you can enjoy the ride because Crayola Color Wonderproducts are made to let kids express themselves without making a mess.

  • With over 10 feet of coloring, the compact Color Wonder On the Go Tiny Tube lets kids tear off a perforated activity page for magical coloring fun at home or on the road.  The tube fits in the cup holder of a car and can store the included markers inside, making it a perfect on-the-go activity. Adhesive-backing allows paper to stay in place while coloring so kids can easily create anything imaginable.
  • Bring your friends on the road with the Disney and Barbie Crayola Color Wonder Mini Coloring Pad and Markers. With more pages than ever, kids will enjoy coloring a variety of pictures featuring some of their favorite characters. These fun coloring pads are also available in mini sizes that are perfect for tucking into a bag and bring them with you wherever you go.
  • Get back to basics and allow kids to draw what they see outside their car window or daydream and draw whatever they imagine with the Color Wonder Coloring Pad. Kids will be entertained in the back seat with 5 sheets of Color Wonder paper and 2 Color Wonder Markers that only leave a mark on special Color Wonder paper.

Create, erase, and create again with Crayola Dry Erase products that allow kids to unleash their inner artist over and over without carrying around hundreds of sheets of paper.

  • You’ll be all packed up and ready to go with the Crayola Dry Erase Travel Pack that features a dry erase surface, along with dry erase crayons, an eraser and a sharpener to help sustain hours of fun. Take out the game and activity templates and let kids challenge each other to different games using vibrant, washable markers.
  • Everyone can get in the game with the Crayola Dry Erase Zany Play that comes with four bullet tip dry erase markers and boards that your family can use to play games like tic-tac-toe, the dot game and mazes.

The lucky winner’s Crayola Summer Fun gift pack will contain (all the same great items that we got to review!):

  • Crayola Color Wonder On the Go Tiny Tubes
  • Color Wonder Coloring Pad
  • Color Wonder Barbie Mini Coloring Pad and Markers
  • Color Wonder Drawing Pad and Markers
  • Dry Erase Travel Pack
  • Dry Erase Zany Play
  • Princess and the Frog Mess Free Color Wonder Activity Sets

Here are some Crayola links for you to check out:


  • Leave me a comment letting me know if your kids like to color in the car
  • One entry per person and US mailing addresses only
  • CONTEST ENDS Tuesday July 31, 2012



Disclosure:  The information, products and additional Crayola Summer Fun gift pack was provided by Crayola® through MyBlogSpark.

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15 Responses to “Enter my Crayola Summer Fun GIVEAWAY!”
  1. ~Leigh says:

    Oh goodness! These sound like the perfect driving treats. Have I told you yet that we’re going to be insane and take a train to Florida for our next vacation. Yep, 2000+ miles each way of being trapped together.

    Does that make you feel sorry enough for me to send me fun prizes…~wink~

  2. Heather Capitelli says:

    My boys are too old…but I have a 2 year old Niece who’d love this! And I think/hope that more Nieces and a Nephew or two will be coming around in the near future!

  3. JinOk says:

    Great car activities… Look where we live, going anywhere is a road trip:)

  4. Danielle Rein says:

    Wow. My kids color every day waiting for meals, what away to stock up for boys and girls.

  5. Kim W says:

    Wow!!!! We have a big trip coming up and these would be great car/plane activities!!! We love to color!

  6. Agnes Matson says:

    My daughter is an “artist” she loves drawing and creating neat things. crayola product are great to do that. :)

  7. Barb Tasber says:

    Art in the car? Does it get any better than that? My girls LOVE crafts everywhere!

  8. tess says:

    my kids love to color anywhere- thats their favorite thing to do right now
    in the car is good for my ears
    tcogbill at live dot com

  9. Chasity Villalobos says:

    All three of my children love to co0lor in the car. I also run a small home daycare and they color in the car as well. I always have paper and crayons in my purse for the kiddos.

  10. joanne major says:

    my grand kids love coloring in the car

  11. Amie says:

    My kids would use this stuff everywhere. They are always coloring:)

  12. Rochel S says:

    YES!!!! My son Loves to color! And we drive a few times a year up to Toronto, Canada to visit my parents (about a 10 hour drive) so this would be perfect!

  13. Nina says:

    I haven’t tried coloring in the car yet, they’re more interested in singing and looking out the window. And, I’m scared of the mess! But, I’d be more inclined with the color wonder sets!

  14. Julie says:

    My kids always loved coloring in the car :)

  15. Amy says:

    My twins love to color in the car.

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