Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014


Welcome to My Family Loves It, a website dedicated to all the good things about raising a family in the digital age. We will share all the toys and gadgets that our family found wonderful along with those we didn’t. Mix in some parenting philosophy, funny stories, and cute pictures and you have a recipe for

Cast of characters:

John – Geeky dad. Computer programmer by day, DIY fanatic by night. Loves sports and power tools.

Heather – Crafty mom. Former elementary art teach, now stay at home mom. Loves craft projects with the kids, planning parties, and anything that keep the boys from fighting.

Ethan – Four year old leader of the pack. Loves sports and drawing and being silly. Very shy like dad.

Ben – Three year old giant. Is often mistaken as Ethan’s twin. Loves trains, cars, and hockey.

Jamie – The girl! Loves smiling and waving and playing with her brothers.  Turning into a real monkey, climbing up on everything!

*UPDATE by Heather  July 2009:


Still geeky but DIY “fanatic” might be pushing it a little! Although I’d be all in favor of it reaching the fanatic stage for a little while!

John is the best dad and husband so I can’t complain at all!

IMG_7594Me (Heather)-

I love my family!  I am an often overwhelmed and overtired but very happy mom of FOUR! Along with trying to have fun with the family, I am attempting to get the house really clean sometime before the end of the year!


He is 6 yrs old and very athletic and currently Pokemon is his big love. He still plays a lot of sports and likes to spend the summer swimming in our pool. He will start 1st grade in Sept. Oh and all of his teeth are falling out so he is friendly with the tooth fairy lately!


He just turned 5 this month!!! I can’t believe he is so grown up now but he still has plenty of cute “little boy” moments. ditto on the “plays a lot of sports and likes to spend the summer swimming in our pool”, oh and the Pokemon too! He will be starting kindergarten in Sept and I am not ready for it BUT he is!


She just turned 3 this month and did you know that 3 is really worse than the terrible twos? Or maybe she just didn’t realize she is 3 yet? She is a real cutie and most of the time a big sweetie but when she isn’t she really isn’t! I suppose she is into painting a lot lately and playing with her siblings.


Yes I should have updated this 9 months ago when she arrived! Jillian is just perfect, REALLY perfect and super easy. We make the best babies…wish she’d stay this little a lot longer!

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