Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Challenge Butter has launched their ‘Real Heritage Recipe Contest’!  4 Grand Prize Winners will win a Good Cook Ò cookware valued at $500 as well as $2500 CASH!  12 additional Finalists will also win $250 in Good Cook Ò cookware! “Are you making your traditional drop cookies this season to share with family and friends?  [...]

Apparently my kids had never been to Burger King before so I thought it would be fun to participate in this review and give it a try! We combined a BK drive through experience with a drive around to see Christmas lights (and a surprise Christmas Carousel ride) about a week ago. It was a [...]

Another just before the deadline contest post! This computer is so wonky, this is now my second attempt writing this today because firefox froze up and I needed to force quit. Anyway on to the Green Giant! I think the only vegetable that I don’t like is beets but the rest of my family is [...]

I think we need more than 7 school days off! Seems this holiday vacation is flying by and not quite as planned but all in all the kids are good and mostly happy! As it seems to have been for most of 2011,  I have unwritten reviews and excuses why but I will be better [...]

Well this time I do have a Cheerios giveaway to include with this review! However I am just making the deadline so I think I need to get strict with myself and write reviews the week we receive packages! Anyway of course my kids love their Cheerios and were excited to get a package with [...]

Unfortunately I am BAD! Although this is extra bad for me because I was too late with this review and missed the deadline for the giveaway that I was supposed to do. I had to still write about how the package that made my kids totally happy! General Mills and My Blog Spark sent us [...]

Last year was the first time (since we had kids) that I didn’t send out photo cards and it made me feel like a bah humbug! This year I have ordered my cards early and am all excited about them. Its easy to stress about getting the perfect “Christmas card picture” but having four kids [...]

What a fun night! We went trick or treating from 5:30-8pm and John’s phone says we walked around 2 miles. LOTS of candy and four happy kids are staying up super late watching a Halloween show before bed. Wish we didn’t have to wait an entire year to do this again.

October is a fun month around here with four of us having birthdays! Ethan was first and he had his second annual Lego party. Then it was me, John and now my BABY Jillian is about to turn three! I am prepping for her party tomorrow and I hope she is happy with it. She [...]

I currently have 2 little baggies on my refrigerator stuffed full of Box Tops that I have been saving up since I last sent them in to school in June! I am so glad that my kids school is collecting them because its such an easy way for families to help out and raise money [...]