Sunday, April 20th, 2014

October is a fun month around here with four of us having birthdays! Ethan was first and he had his second annual Lego party. Then it was me, John and now my BABY Jillian is about to turn three! I am prepping for her party tomorrow and I hope she is happy with it. She [...]

Ethan’s birthday party was last weekend two weeks ago and we were lucky enough to have been given a Hexbug Nano party kit for the kids to enjoy. We had the party at the gym in our local town hall and it was a great great great great party (according to the birthday boy). It [...]

Happy Birthday Jillian! I can’t believe that you are 2 today! I am not crying about it like I thought I’d be but I really wish you could have stayed a little baby a lot longer. Instead you are the one who grew up the fastest.  You have been out of diapers for months, are [...]

Oh Ben I can’t believe its your birthday AGAIN! How are you growing up so fast? I love you tons. I hope you enjoy the day even though I am a rotten mom and am breaking our cinnamon rolls with a candle birthday breakfast tradition because I didn’t go to the grocery store this week. [...]

Wow Jamie turns 4 today! She actually stayed up on the 4th of July until after midnight last night and we sang happy birthday on the car ride home (we had a lot of fun at a friend’s house and it was hard to drag the sleepy kids away). Today we kept with our cinnamon [...]

I don’t know how it happened but my baby is 18 months already! In honor of her 1/2 birthday yesterday we ate 1/2 a cake (and then finished the other 1/2 for breakfast today along with some cut up fruit). It may have just been a 1/2 birthday but the kid made a FULL MESS!

I never got around to posting about Ethan’s birthday party, probably because I hardly took any pictures at all, but I figured I better get to it before Jillian’s birthday gets here! There is Ethan in the orange shirt, its the ONLY pictures that I got of him during the entire party! What a cute [...]

Ben and Jamie really liked their party yesterday and I’m so happy! I think we had 19 kids, 2 babies and 15 adults. This was the EASIEST party that we have ever had for our kids! We had it at the roller rink during “trike trot and roll” time where the kids can use skates [...]

Here is the birthday boy on each of his birthdays: Baby Ben all 9lbs 10oz of cuteness! Ben looking like a cupie doll with his first birthday cake! Grandma got him a big wheel for his 2nd birthday, its pretty worn out now. Ooh we started a Chuck E Cheese tradition on his 3rd birthday, [...]

Our little girl turned 3 today! Its tradition to start the day with cinnamon rolls with candles (apparently candles in the 3 big kids’ pizza and individual slices of cake might be a new tradition we’ve added this year). She had a fun weekend with the airshow yesterday, the UP movie, Joey’s  and swimming today [...]