Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Its been awhile since we’ve been able to do an Unplugged Project and I kept meaning to think of some great idea for HOT but … nothing! Then I realized that even though we didn’t do anything for the project we did do a few things that happen to fit with it. We LOVE backyard [...]

At first I had no idea what we’d do for the “SKY” themed Unplugged Project this week and then I thought that the boys were so into planes since the model demo and big airshow we went to last month so we decided on paper airplanes. I downloaded some plane plans online but the standard [...]

I almost forgot to post today for the Unplugged Project and when I saw her post I decided to copy her fairy garden idea a bit instead of just writing about our garden. My boys are not really the fairy type but they have recently been watching the Smurfs so I got out my old [...]

This weeks Unplugged Project is OLD and I imagine there will be a huge range of projects made with such a theme. I decided to use this as an opportunity to use up some VERY old sculpey clay. John and I used this is college and I know we haven’t bought any since but for [...]

I was very excited when I read that this week’s Unplugged Project was PLASTIC because I knew I wouldn’t have to buy anything (not that I have for any of the projects so far actually) and there are so many great things to do with plastic items you would otherwise recycle or have to throw [...]

When I read that this week’s Unplugged Project was “sticky” I wish I had taken a picture of the roll of scotch tape that Jamie had gotten a hold of and turned into a big sticky tangled mess the day before! I decided to make some glue paint with the kids but they just wanted [...]

Well it finally worked out for us to do an Unplugged Project again. When I first saw this week was metal I was stumped but then I thought about how the boys have been so into robots lately and how I have been saving little odds and ends that looked neat instead of throwing them [...]

What a fitting unplugged project for us this week! We have had our baby chicks for almost a week now and they are certainly a project but we’ve had quite a few other bird encounters as well. If you haven’t been at our blog to see the chick posts you really should scroll on down [...]

I had intentions of doing the last 2 unplugged projects but the kids don’t always like my suggestions and even passed up “want to find rocks and paint them?”. This week is FOOD so there was no way for them to turn down that! The first thing that came to mind was fruit (we’re having [...]

I’ll follow Piseco’s lead and post what we did early this week. For our Unplugged Project I decided to do something with Ethan that I’d done before but never with the kids: eggs dyed with onion skins. I have no foreseeable need for onions so when I was in the produce isle I took a [...]