Thursday, April 24th, 2014

I buy a wide variety of bread, ranging from 100% whole wheat, some “nutty” types to white. Luckily the kids aren’t picky about bread (they like it all AND I don’t even have to cut crusts!) but when I was a kid Wonder Bread was the bread for me! Give me a PB&J on Wonder [...]

Organic, fresh and appetizing is how I’d describe Yummy in My Tummy baby food. Jillian is my 4th baby so I think I know a little about baby food but I was surprised at the high quality of this food. I know I could never make homemade baby peas taste so good and fresh.  Look [...]

Our kids go through phases of only wanting one show until they’ve seen every episode a million times and then move on to the next one. We have been in a Curious George phase for months now and when we were sent a Curious George Super Helper game to review I knew the kids would [...]

My kids are big fans of cereal and luckily not just the bright colored candy-like kind! We usually buy them the “grown-up” cereals that John and I like ourselves. When I got the offer to review new Honey Kix I was pretty sure that the kids would like it and I was right. I didn’t [...]

I haven’t met a kid yet who doesn’t love Fruit Roll Ups so I’d imagine most would go nuts over being able to design their own. Ethan gave these out to his kindergarten class on Valentine’s Day a few weeks ago. We had already designed a box of Fruit Roll Ups some months back but [...]

I have a lot of breastmilk in the freezer right now that I don’t feel is stored very well. I wish that the Parent Bloggers Network had asked me to review this smart breastmilk storage system 2 months ago when I was basically pumping round the clock to get my milk supply back after a [...]

Yes we are having our BIG See Kai Run giveaway finally! I have been meaning to post this all month but hey I am busy with a newborn and her 3 siblings! If you don’t already know it, See Kai Run are some of the most fashionable, comfortable and well made kids shoes out there. [...]

Our kids love stuffed animals and I couldn’t say no to a Build-A-Bear giveaway! Ethan already has a very cute Build-A-Bear dog that looks like our dog Casey. He got it from his aunt and uncle years ago and it came with an adorable Hawaiian shirt, collar and flowers on its ears. His “Casey” dog [...]

Dry hands are a big problem for me now that I’m a mom of 4 (all that hand washing after diaper changes and everything). Unfortunately I don’t have time or the ability to remember to put on lotion all the time. I was given a supply of Vaseline Clinical Therapy Lotion to review and I’m [...]

I really wanted to send out a birth announcements for Jillian with her sister and brothers included so I started looking all over the internet for just the right one months ago! Finding an attractive announcement that would include the other kids was a lot harder than I anticipated! Good sibling announcements aren’t that common [...]