Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Netflix has sent out their Spring offer for a free 1 month membership.  We’ve had our membership for years and love it.  We mainly use the DVD service, but have also used the streaming service to watch old kid shows (Inspector Gadget!) Click here to use the Netflix 1 month coupon This link expires on [...]

I’m not sure where we first saw Animusic, but we have the first 2 shows and the kids love it.  Looks like most of the music videos are on Youtube and definitely something fun to show the kids.  They really enjoyed this “marble race” one.

While many people have been awake for hours, fighting crowds for deals, I prefer sleeping in and surfing websites for good presents.  The biggest challenge for me is not finding the best deal, but finding presents that have the quality, durability, and re-playability.  Searching the top ten lists on most sites is a waste of [...]

We just transitioned the website to a new server and are having some minor issues.  Please bear with us while we beat down the web gremlins and get everything running normally again.  Has anyone noticed if the website is loading a little faster?

Netflix just sent us a new batch of coupon codes for a one month free trial.  Enjoy! Netflix coupon codes

We’ve been using our point and shoot camera more and more to record video.  The short clips are good quality and much easier to manage and share than camcorder recordings.  Occassionally, Heather will record a video clip vertically giving us a lovely sideways video.  I finally decided to do some homework and found a very [...]

Netflix just sent us a new batch of coupon codes for a one month free trial.  Enjoy! Netflix coupon codes

Our iMac isn’t feeling well. On Friday it locked up and now refuses to boot. I ran diagnostics over the weekend and am trying to repair the hard drive, but it seems like the drive is completely toast. I plan on writing a post with the complete symptoms and tests in a day or so, [...]

Families in our area have been getting hammered by bugs the last few weeks.  Flu bug, stomach bug, strep throat, and who knows what else.  I got sick with the mini-flu that is going around a few weeks ago and promptly passed it on to a co-worker who then shared with his car pool and [...]

Geekdad posted about the upcoming Lego releases for the new year on display at the 2009 Toy Fair.  Lots of fun stuff on the way, but my favorite is the Space Police series which will come with alien minifigures.  As much as I love Lego, it is about time for some unique guys to go [...]