Friday, April 25th, 2014

I think that this has to be the most wonderful thing for a little kid and I just had to share (because why should I be the only one who falls in love with this and probably can’t ever have it!). Oh how I wish the Treepee people were in the US and just happened [...]

Those are the boys last September on their first days of school (Ethan in K and Ben preschool). I do not want this summer to end! I am not a huge fan of 85 degrees or higher temps but I love having all 4 kids home all day and I am trying to not think [...]

Here is one of the first pictures I took when we got to the lake and ALL FOUR kids are in it! This was Jillian’s first trip there and she liked it, she was a super easy baby there just like her siblings had been. I can’t say that all four were easy this trip [...]

Well I might as well be the 3rd mom to blog about our day yesterday! Between the 3 of us we took a gazillion pictures of our combined 9 kids swimming and having fun together. I admit I am not back to my normal “invite the world over” self since having the 4th baby but [...]

I really didn’t miss the computer so much while it was gone BUT I do miss recording things about our life right now so I’m going to do some more blogging (I think!). Our wordpress wasn’t cooperating and didn’t let me add any of the new pictures I wanted to share AND deleted most of [...]

Someone once told me not to complain about something unless you plan to do something about it.  This simple bit of advice struck a nerve with me because I find it really annoying when people complain for the sake of complaining and do nothing to resolve those complaints.  Working in corporate america I keep catching [...]

We’re getting adjusted to our new antenna setup and programming our favorite shows into the TiVo.  We miss a few things from the large satelite buffet, but it is so nice to be getting PBS again.  Here are the shows we’re watching this fall. Chuck – our favorite new show from last season.  The pilot [...]

Sorry for breaking the comments.  I’m working on getting the site ready for a new design and deactivated a plugin I shouldn’t have been fiddling with.  Look for our new design soon, but expect a couple speed bumps while I get everything setup.

Well its very weird and John doesn’t even know why yet but emails that I send from our blog address are not getting to their recipients some of the time. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason yet and at the moment I’m resending some of the emails that I remember I’ve sent [...]