Saturday, April 19th, 2014

I’m not sure where we first saw Animusic, but we have the first 2 shows and the kids love it.  Looks like most of the music videos are on Youtube and definitely something fun to show the kids.  They really enjoyed this “marble race” one.

The North has been looking on with envy while the South has gotten all OUR snow.  Even worse was hearing some people complain about their abundance of the wonderful white stuff.  Well, we finally got a few inches of snow last week. Here’s one of the reasons we love winter.

We discovered that trick candles are too much for a new 5 year old after 10pm! Poor Ben, we had just woken him up after he fell asleep coming home from Chuck E Cheese last night, but he couldn’t miss his cake and presents! I probably should have skipped the trick candles and used  the [...]

We missed our chance to get a video of Darth Pooh, but here is Jamie doing her Darth Vader impression.

Here’s a great video of Ben eating his ice cream…despite being asleep after a long day at the air show. I’m always impressed with how well kids can keep eating AND getting the spoon in their mouth when they fall asleep like this.  Heather accidentally took the video vertically, but I found an easy and [...]

Another video of Jamie singing We Will Rock You. This all started when I showed the boys a clip from A Knights Tale.  They loved the song so I put it on our iPod.  They’ve been singing it ever since.  Next I’ll have to get a clip of Ethan singing his operatic version.

Jamie demonstrates her new invention…The Cheerio Shirt!  I could really use one for work when I get the afternoon munchies. Check out more of our video clips on the new Movie page.

We had Cloud Jello one night while watching Wipeout and Jamie decided to share with Casey.

What can be cuter than a 2 year old wearing a pink princess gown and singing a Queen power ballad?