Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Ethan came up with this project all on his own by arranging his silly bandz behind his paper and doing crayon rubbings! He made it a “puzzle” for Jamie, he wanted her to match up the silly bandz to the ones on his paper. I think Silly Bandz art is a great idea since when [...]

Jamie is very into projects lately and SCISSORS! Here are some hearts she has made by cutting out and coloring hearts I traced for her. She also worked with “her boys” to make a collage with some doily hearts and papers that they painted and glued together. The last project she did was to decorate [...]

Jamie is at a nice age for painting and its fun to give her different things to use besides brushes. You can buy special painting tools for kids but its so easy to make them or just use things you have around the house. Here is what I gave Jamie on the day these pictures [...]

Here is another one of our advent calendar activities! There are so many hand and footprint craft ideas and I think they’re fun so we did our family wreath and then we tried out something I thought up on my own: a family tree made of footprints. I had thought of this last year but [...]

Well I thought we’d try to make some of the gifts we give this year. Its not going as well as I’d hoped, I think they are on the young side for some of the things I had in mind. At first they liked making these ornaments  but after making 1-2 they lost interest. I [...]

One of our advent calendar activities was to make snowmen for each person in the family. The boys and John were out until mid afternoon today so Jamie and I started without them. I used to do similar snowman paintings  when I was an art teacher but I decided to try something different and we [...]

I keep a collection (actually several boxes) of things like caps, lids, foil tops, the insides of my empty advair inhalers, and any other “garbage” that looks like it could be turned into something. My friend Gretchen was over and saw a robot Ethan had made using some of my saved junk and she told [...]

Its been offical for a little while now that we have our first left handed child! My mom and dad and John’s aunt are lefties but I think that is all until Jamie. Not only does she paint left-handed but she uses 3 brushes at once. I thought I’d give her the chance to have [...]

I was very pleased that our boys had made it to 3 & almost 5 yrs old without having any clue what Sponge Bob was. However my 13yr old brother went and messed everything up by showing them it on the computer in August (still mad). Since then Ethan has been asking about it and [...]

There are many small farms in our area and when we’re driving to and from town we frequently pull over to talk to the cows. We stopped over the weekend and spent awhile spotting some of our favorites, like one with brown spots over each eye and her nose. All the while the daddy cow [...]