Thursday, April 24th, 2014

“I want these”, “I want these”, “I want these”, “I want these”, “I want these”, “I want these”….. Jillian is a talker. I need to record these things better. She keeps making sentences lately and then I forget to jot them down. But last night as John and I tried to sort through things to [...]

Last night during our campfire,  Jamie said to her uncle: “You’re funny Alex.  Not all the way funny. A little bit funny.”

So a couple weeks ago Ethan said he wanted to be a stay at home dad, not exactly in those words but he said something like “the woman will work”. We had a little conversation where I said he’d have to learn to change diapers and he said he’d make Lego diapers because he “could [...]

The folks at were kind enough to give me a second 14 day trial after I told them my iMac died right after I started my first trial.  The reason I’m looking at SmugMug is because I want to share some of our video and I’m not happy with Youtube.  SmugMug has a better [...]

We gave Ethan our old digital camera and he has been using it on and off to take pictures.  Last night while I was playing with the new iPhoto he came over and asked me “is there a way you could take my pictures and put them on paper?”  It is amazing how fast we’ve [...]

“What in the Gods is this?” -Ben’s reaction to dinner last night.  No idea where he picked up that phrase. “Oh pickles!” – Ethan’s new favorite phrase whenever he gets mad.  Learned this one from a friend. “You’re my little girl” – What Jamie just said to me when she crawled into my lap while [...]

I love the words that kids create for things.  I’ve been trying to keep track of all the things our boys have said, but I know I’ve forgotten some and I want to make sure I don’t forget anymore. Kneebow pads – shin guards Canyon Balls – cannon balls Turbets – turrets (from playing Spore [...]

Ben:  Push the love button! Push the love button!

I love eavesdropping on the kids while they are playing.  Here’s a conversation they had while playing Star Wars in the yard while I was working on our chicken coop in the garage. Ben “The Stormtroopers are coming, hide!” Ethan “I see Darth Vader, he’s in the forest!” Ben “That’s why he said ‘Use the [...]

Ethan was playing with a dinosaur and making it eat things just now. As he started to pretend to eat Ben’s back, Ben yelled “Hey I’m not vegetation!”. Just another thing I never thought I’d hear one of my kids say!