Sunday, April 20th, 2014

It was a busy week with the boys home sick from school sick most of it! Both boys got bad colds, Ethan’s was much worse but Ben had a bad ear infection too. Somehow the girls both stayed healthy though! I tried to keep them quiet so they could rest but Ethan got super Halloween [...]

Well I am all for a candy free-for-all BUT a little healthy mixed in on Easter is a good thing too! This morning after the excitement of the baskets and the egg hunting and the cinnamon rolls, we made some applesauce bunnies. This is a nice last minute activity that we did thanks to Musselmans. [...]

We got a few more inches of nice wet snow so we finally set out to build a snow man in our yard.  I felt inspired to try building a snow troll or goblin creature.  Building the 2 legs was fun and easier than I thought.  Since we had 2 legs that meant we need [...]

When Ethan came home from school on Thursday we noticed that the snow John had shot onto the house with the snowblower could come off and had a great imprint of the bricks. He took a bunch down and set it up to be a castle. He pretended to hide but I knew the silly [...]

Did you know jello jigglers also double as refrigerator magnets! This was Jamie’s doing. I wish she coudn’t open the fridge! I’ve written about Jamie and the fridge before but she also is into the freezer looking for “pops” all the time now. I tried putting the lock thats on the door in this picture [...]

I almost forgot to post today for the Unplugged Project and when I saw her post I decided to copy her fairy garden idea a bit instead of just writing about our garden. My boys are not really the fairy type but they have recently been watching the Smurfs so I got out my old [...]

The boys play so nicely together (about 1/2 the time anyway) and they even include Jamie when she isn’t messing their stuff up! I love how we’ve been rotating toys all the time because they will entertain themselves for such a long time when we get out something that has been away. The bristle blocks [...]

Ethan and Ben are on such a Star Wars kick. Here is Ethan’s latest creation, his stuffed animals dressed as all the Star Wars characters. Darth Vader is my favorite. He’s wearing the lacrosse pads with the red tea cup helmet and red spoon lightsaber. The other critters wearing cups are all Stormtroopers. Luke is [...]

This week The Unplugged Project is Wood and it was the perfect time for John to build some bird houses with the boys (I tried to convince him to build me a chicken coop for the chicks I’m ordering tomorrow but I have a feeling he’ll get moving on that once the birds are living [...]

A couple weeks ago I mentioned how I had rediscovered Junkyard Wars and started watching it with the boys. This weekend while I was doing something for work on my laptop the boys were getting a little bored so I started issuing Junkyard Wars challenges for them to build with their legos and then bring [...]