Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Follow this winter’s rink design and construction on my Backyard Ice Rink page. Update 12/19/2007 – I make it sound easy so it’s only fair to tell the story of my first rink Update 12/9/2007 – Find out how to build your own rink rake for under $20 Update 12/6/2007 – Here’s a tip for [...]

Yesterday marked the start of hockey season for Ethan and Ben. We weren’t worried about Ethan getting back on the ice, but we were a little concerned about Ben’s first practice. At 3 years 2 months he is the youngest kid on the team and possibly in the league. What makes hockey different from other [...]

In honor of the start of hockey season for the boys I thought I would post one of my favorite web freebies. The NY Rangers have an All Star Kids Club that you can sign your kids up for. The basic membership is FREE and includes a Rangers folder, poster, stickers, guidebook, and patch. This [...]

This summer it is very exciting that both our boys can play YMCA soccer on Saturday mornings. They are on different teams and in different age groups but they both play at the same time so it is really convenient. It is Ben’s first time doing a sport and its fun watching him adjust to [...]

Ethan had a rough start to his second week of hockey. He skated for about 20 minutes and then wanted a break. I couldn’t convince him to get back on the ice until the final 10 minutes. I felt terrible, but he just seemed off for some reason. On Sunday I took Ben with me [...]

Ethan and Ben playing in the driveway.

Wow!  We can’t believe how much Ethan has improve after just one practice.  We had his skates sharpened yesterday and he was able to do a little bit of real skating today.  He was looking tired after the first hour of practice, but then they brought out the pucks and he got a second wind.  [...]

Ethan had his first hockey practice and did great! Most of the players on his team were first timers so he fit right in. He loved being able to have his stick on his ice and rarely fell (unintentionally). The first practice was a little chaotic since EVERY mini-mite team was one the ice at [...]

After we got back from Lake Champlain, Ethan had his last soccer game. After the game he was thrilled to get his trophy. Now we’re looking forward to the start of hockey.