Friday, April 18th, 2014

I have had so many little things to blog about lately that I haven’t gotten to. Just to cross some off my list, here are some of my “parent hacks” that I wanted to share: -thick baby socks are great to put pedialyte pops in when your kids are sick – no cold hands! Also [...]

A few years ago we got Ethan a Sit and Spin for Christmas.  Being the organized parents that we are, all the wrapping was taking place in the wee hours of Christmas Eve.  We wanted to have the Sit and Spin ready to go so we put the batteries in and gave it a test.  [...]

One of my biggest concerns about Ethan starting Kindergarten was our morning schedule. I wasn’t worried about getting the kids up in time, I was concerned that my habit of hitting the snooze alarm… repeatedly… for as long as an hour… would make us all late. My solution was the Ice Cube Alarm clock. I [...]

A few weeks ago we had a power outage in the middle of the night.  I woke up when I heard Ben crying and making his way down the stairs.  After stubbing my toes a few times I met him at the bottom of the stairs and carried him over to our bed.  Curious as [...]

Grandma Penguin got the boys each a little wood kit and last night we decided to put them together. The kits contained about a dozen wood pieces that you glue together and then can paint. Last night was the gluing stage and tonight will be painting. I was a little unsure of the best way [...]

ParentHacks has the answer for what to do when you have a faulty diaper. If the tab breaks as you’re trying to put a disposable diaper on your squirmy little one (and isn’t it always when you’re in a hurry?), there’s still hope!  Go ahead and fasten the tab on the other side.  Now put [...]

I’ve been on a cheese and cracker kick lately, but the flavors I like (sharp cheddar, horseradish) are not popular with the kids. During our last trip to the grocery store I noticed they had their deli muenster cheese (or ‘monster’ cheese as the boys call it) cut into big blocks. I grabbed one for [...]

With the writer’s strike in full swing and no new shows in our TiVo todo list I decided to do some searching and find a few good nature shows to watch with the kids.  As luck would have it, Ethan and Ben’s favorite wildlife presenter, Nigel Marven, has a new series on Animal Planet called [...]

A little early for posting a tip on putting Christmas decoration away, but I figure most parents are a little too crazed after the holidays to be looking up tips. Just read this one and file it away in memory for when the time comes. A couple years ago we bought one of those inflatable [...]

I came up with a nice, easy way of storing my hose for the ice rink season. My first year doing this I learned the hard way that you should never leave your hose outside in the winter. It will freeze and take forever to thaw out. I started keeping the hose in a rubbermaid [...]