Thursday, April 24th, 2014

I try to look at everything that is garbage or recycling to see if I can reuse it for something. Usually I save things for art projects but this time I made a bug jar from a mayonnaise jar. I used a sharp hole puncher (that looks like an ice pick) to add a bunch [...]

Yesterday on our way home from Lego club we decided to drive to a nearby reservoir to see if the Eagles had come home for the summer.  I took the boys there 2 years ago and we had a fun little adventure, but didn’t see any eagles.  This trip we hit the jackpot.  We saw [...]

He may be a big pain but he is a very handsome old pain and he looks good on the brown couches! John just bought us a new camera lens and he used it to get the best pictures we have of our dog Reuben! I am excited to see if I can get some [...]

We got a few more inches of nice wet snow so we finally set out to build a snow man in our yard.  I felt inspired to try building a snow troll or goblin creature.  Building the 2 legs was fun and easier than I thought.  Since we had 2 legs that meant we need [...]

Jillian is obsessed with eating snow. So I try not to think about why she didn’t like the taste of this particular snowball.

I have to admit that facebook has really interfered with my blogging plus just life with 4 kids makes it tough (especially with the start of school and several illnesses lately). I just wanted to get some recent pictures of the kids up before I do a string of reviews that I have been neglecting! [...]

Now that I’ve rediscovered one of our camera lenses, I thought I’d try for some cute pictures of Jillian.  I really love this Canon lens.  All these pictures were taken using full auto and the built in flash.  The only pain is that there is no zoom, it is a fixed lens.  So if you [...]

The boys had their last roller hockey game of the season last night.  I am always amazed by how much kids improve during the course of the season.  Ben is skating better and Ethan has decided he loves playing defense and has been making several good plays each game. We brought our digital SLR and [...]

I love that I got a baby girl version of Ben just like I ordered! Ben really loves her and is always trying to play with her. He unfortunately always uses babytalk with her and will get right in her face being goofy but she doesn’t mind yet. Next I’ll have to do pictures of [...]

This has been a great Spring for spotting wildlife in our area.  Within a 2 week span I had to stop on my to or from work for: turkeys crossing the road (many times) horny grouse putting on quite a display young porcupine moving very slow snapping turtle and the good samaritan who stopped to [...]