Monday, April 21st, 2014

I did 2 more dresses this weekend. I used 2 girls shirts that were the same exact shirt but different colors and then 2 of my shirts that I never wear. I was going for funky but I think they need some sort of embellishment like a fabric flower to complete them. I first cut [...]

I was so excited when I found this idea on a blog! I have made several of these dresses now but I started with the one with the 3 flowers because it was a really cute shirt that Jillian got sharpie marker all over. I cut off the bottom 1/3 of the shirt and bottom [...]

Well I have loads of things I SHOULD be doing and instead I am totally wanting to sew! I am not good at it and I don’t do it “right” but as long as I don’t care about perfection its fun! It all started with Ben repeatedly requesting a court jester costume and insisting I [...]

It was a busy week with the boys home sick from school sick most of it! Both boys got bad colds, Ethan’s was much worse but Ben had a bad ear infection too. Somehow the girls both stayed healthy though! I tried to keep them quiet so they could rest but Ethan got super Halloween [...]

I’m starting to get excited about Halloween next month and soon I’ll have to put up my GHOST CURTAIN!!! We started bringing in a few little pumpkins from the garden but otherwise I think we need a little longer to adjust to the change of seasons before we break out all of the Halloween stuff. [...]

I looked up my old post on my coffee playdough recipe and WOW my boys were so little then….. how can I slow down time (or bring Ben’s little 3 yr old curls back)? This past week I made a triple batch of the coffee dough for the kids to play with (I had saved [...]

I try to look at everything that is garbage or recycling to see if I can reuse it for something. Usually I save things for art projects but this time I made a bug jar from a mayonnaise jar. I used a sharp hole puncher (that looks like an ice pick) to add a bunch [...]

Well I have been wanting to do a freezer paper stencil for awhile now but I just got around to buying the freezer paper last week. Then I needed to decide on something to stencil on some of my boys’ shirts…. I did some googling of “lego guys” and found this flickr picture. Thought it [...]

Well I am all for a candy free-for-all BUT a little healthy mixed in on Easter is a good thing too! This morning after the excitement of the baskets and the egg hunting and the cinnamon rolls, we made some applesauce bunnies. This is a nice last minute activity that we did thanks to Musselmans. [...]

I made these for the girls this year, I first added iron on fabric stuff to the fabrics and then traced hearts on the 2 fabrics, cut them out and ironed them on. Pretty easy although I should have added the anti-fray stuff to the edges because I think they might start to fray after [...]