Saturday, April 19th, 2014

I’ll follow Piseco’s lead and post what we did early this week. For our Unplugged Project I decided to do something with Ethan that I’d done before but never with the kids: eggs dyed with onion skins. I have no foreseeable need for onions so when I was in the produce isle I took a [...]

I made my first homemade tutu for Jamie this week. Its hard to get a good look at it in these pictures but its not bad. I’m going to buy some more supplies and try out some changes to the next one I make (I’d like it more dense). Once I get the hang of [...]

This weeks Unplugged Project had REM’s Shiny Happy People going through my head every time I thought about what we might do (it wasn’t so helpful really). I also kept thinking of the book Dazzle The Dinosaur so I almost did something related to that but when I looked through my saved junk I thought [...]

This is our first time joining in with Unplug Your Kids’ Unplugged Project (and I’m a day late but a power outage messed us up yesterday). Her theme this week was alphabet so we made some Jello Jigglers using letter cutters, they came out a little rough looking but the kids really liked them (and [...]

With 3 kids, I have to bring 42 Valentines to school next week(oops, thats 42 kids and 6 teachers so thats 48)! So far we finished the 10 we need for Jamie’s class and we started some for Ethan’s class. I gave Jamie some shaving cream paint and a glitter shaker and let her loose [...]

I was searching online for a good chocolate playdough and I wasn’t very happy with any of the recipes (it seems like a lot of sites just copy the same play dough recipes from other sites). So I decided to make my own recipe up yesterday and for my first attempt I am very pleased. [...]

We need all the counter space we can get in our small kitchen and Christmas goodies and clutter were hogging way too much of it for over a month. So I told the boys we needed to get rid of the 2 gingerbread houses they had made. I didn’t want to throw out their hard [...]

I grew a lot of little gourds in our garden this year and they were on display in the kitchen through Thanksgiving. We started on Christmas decorations now so they had to go. I cut them in half and saved the seeds to plant in the spring and I saved the tops with stems so [...]

I never put up any pictures with my first post about this cool puffy paint so here are some pictures of our second time using it. All you do is mix roughly 1/2 glue & 1/2 shaving cream to make a thick puffy paint that dries great. This time we made 2 colors by adding [...]

I saw this on some site and I can’t believe how well it worked! Anyone with kids NEEDS TO TRY THIS! You mix equal amounts of shaving cream and glue and then paint with it. I thought it would be fun on black paper to make clouds and ghosts (I cut out little circles of [...]