Monday, April 21st, 2014

I saw this fun story in the Ottawa Sun. A humbled Daniel Alfredsson brought his own shovel and five-year-old son Hugo to help to pay off a debt yesterday. The Senators captain made good on his lost bet — that would be for Sweden’s 5-1 loss to Canada in the final of the world junior [...]

I’ve written a number of posts about how easy it is to build a backyard ice rink. Well, it is only fair that I post the story of my FIRST rink. A lot of work during that first winter has made it much easier the following years. It all started when we bought Ethan hockey [...]

My plans for building a simple, cheap handheld ice resurfacer have move here: How to build a backyard Zamboni

I came up with a nice, easy way of storing my hose for the ice rink season. My first year doing this I learned the hard way that you should never leave your hose outside in the winter. It will freeze and take forever to thaw out. I started keeping the hose in a rubbermaid [...]

Thanksgiving weekend has become ice rink building weekend at our house. We’re getting good at it and can now have the boards assembled and liner in place in about an hour. This year I took photos of the whole process to share with everyone. Ingredients I keep the rink simple and relatively small since my [...]

Follow this winter’s rink design and construction on my Backyard Ice Rink page. Update 12/19/2007 – I make it sound easy so it’s only fair to tell the story of my first rink Update 12/9/2007 – Find out how to build your own rink rake for under $20 Update 12/6/2007 – Here’s a tip for [...]