Sunday, April 20th, 2014

John got this built so much faster than I thought and pretty much all that is left is for me to paint! The boys are thrilled and spent their first night up there last night after our little Super Bowl fun. I just wanted to get some pictures up but I had my 50 lens [...]

I have a confession to make. I am a DIY impulse buyer. When I go to Lowes to pickup supplies for my current project, I sometimes bring home things for future projects. Last year when I decided to organize my tools and supplies and I labeled one box “To Do” and through all the things [...]

I saw this fun story in the Ottawa Sun. A humbled Daniel Alfredsson brought his own shovel and five-year-old son Hugo to help to pay off a debt yesterday. The Senators captain made good on his lost bet — that would be for Sweden’s 5-1 loss to Canada in the final of the world junior [...]

My backyard ice rink post has been getting a lot of questions and suggestions about liners.  This is the one piece of an ice rink that will likely be replaced year after year and there seems to be an ongoing search for a liner that is wide enough for a rink, strong enough to last [...]

Now that you’ve built your backyard ice rink you need the most important tool to get the best ice…a Zamboni! Actually, the smallest Zamboni you can buy is a tow behind unit for your tractor.  For small backyard rinks the solution to getting smooth ice is much simpler and cheaper.  There are numerous hand held [...]

John ALWAYS has some project going and this time its a big one! He has been working hard every day after work and weekends to build our pool deck and its starting to come along very nicely. The curved angle around the pool and figuring out just how we wanted things were the big things [...]

A few years ago I decided to make our backyard be a little more nature friendly. We don’t use any chemicals, we’ve put up bird houses, and I created a branch pile in an out of the way spot for critters to call home. I have also kept a pile of scrapwood by our back [...]

Here is a quick list of Father’s Day gift ideas for DIY Dad’s. Tools are great gifts because as a DIY Dad I want to use them. Which usually means I’m building something Heather wants, but I’m happy to do it because I get to use my tools. This is a list of tools I [...]

The latest issue of The Family Handyman included a link to download 50 of their favorite project plans.  These are only available on their site until July 11th, so check them out now and download the pdfs of any you like.  The projects are for everything from Adirondack chairs and sheds to bookcases and workbenches. [...]

As if John doesn’t have enough projects to do already (chicken coop, pool deck, bathroom redo, etc…) I added another this week, but it was a very quick one. I thought it would be fun for the kids to eat lunch in their fort more so I decided John should put up some pulleys, clothes [...]