Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

I came up with a nice, easy way of storing my hose for the ice rink season. My first year doing this I learned the hard way that you should never leave your hose outside in the winter. It will freeze and take forever to thaw out. I started keeping the hose in a rubbermaid [...]

With holiday shopping in full swing I decided to put together a gift list of my favorite tools. I avoided big ticket items and instead aimed for the smaller items that I find myself using on most DIY jobs and that I couldn’t live without. I guarantee that you’ll find something on here that even [...]

When we decided to gut our basement after the flood one brainstorm we had was over what to do with the space under the bottom of the stairs. Previously it had been accessible from the other side of the basement and used as a dumping ground for various items. We thought that was a poor [...]

Thanksgiving weekend has become ice rink building weekend at our house. We’re getting good at it and can now have the boards assembled and liner in place in about an hour. This year I took photos of the whole process to share with everyone. Ingredients I keep the rink simple and relatively small since my [...]

We’ve been getting a lot of hits on my backyard ice rink post so I thought I’d add some more tips. Location, location, location. Besides finding a flat spot, examine your yard early afternoon and see where the shadows are. Our rink is actually in the front yard since that is the north side. The [...]

Over the years I’ve been slowly replacing the pine on the walls of our basement with mildew resistant sheetrock. I’ll never forget the first time we opened up a wall and discovered what had been used for insulation…packing peanuts! I have no idea how they got them to fill the cavities. I can only guess [...]

Almost a year ago we had flash flooding in the area. I had a rather harrowing drive home during a torrential downpour. When I turned onto one road I could see water going over the surface. I was debating whether to gun it when I realized I could not see either guardrail…the water was that [...]

We have a very strange problem with the faucet in our main bathroom. When you use the cold water, especially in the morning, you get a horrible rotten egg smell. No other water source in the house does this and even the hot water of the same faucet does not do this. Doing a little [...]

Follow this winter’s rink design and construction on my Backyard Ice Rink page. Update 12/19/2007 – I make it sound easy so it’s only fair to tell the story of my first rink Update 12/9/2007 – Find out how to build your own rink rake for under $20 Update 12/6/2007 – Here’s a tip for [...]

Here are some new pictures of the backyard play area. Here is Reuben fetching his ball from one of our free tractor tires that we added this summer. Getting Reuben to jump into or run through a tire is bonus points. Ethan is such a monkey. He’s learned to do flips on the rings. Notice [...]