Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Thanksgiving is less than a week away and I know there are a lot of people still unsure of their menu. It seems stuffing is the one thing that everyone has a strong opinion on! I am a bit picking and I personally don’t care for any stuffing with sausage. I do like it with [...]

This is a bad thing, I have made these 3 times in the last few weeks (and I was going to make them last night until I realized I didn’t have enough brown sugar). Its all my friend Rebecca’s fault because she gave me some she made and I fell in love with them. I [...]

Well I hadn’t taken it out of the pan until this morning so I left off the fact that with the extra Jello from the skulls and pumpkins (plus a few extra boxes) I made a layered Jello as well. Next time I will have to measure the amounts so each layer is the same [...]

So again I am sharing pictures that aren’t the best quality BUT oh well! I have been into Jello a bit lately and I made the coffee jello I found on this blog a few weeks ago. I ate almost all of it myself because I am also very into coffee! I really like the [...]

So I have made a few batches of watermelon ice pops by throwing some watermelon in the blender with a little water and even less sugar. They are REALLY good! I was watching some annoying show though (Katie Brown workshop, she nauseates me but I was bored) and she made gross looking herb ice pops [...]

Well I am all for a candy free-for-all BUT a little healthy mixed in on Easter is a good thing too! This morning after the excitement of the baskets and the egg hunting and the cinnamon rolls, we made some applesauce bunnies. This is a nice last minute activity that we did thanks to Musselmans. [...]

This last minute idea came to me because I am slightly nuts. I made a rectangular pizza in a sheet pan and cut it into squares but there were not enough for everyone to have 2 pieces so I cut 3 squares in half. I wanted to give everyone equal amounts of crust so I [...]

Challenge Dairy sent me some samples of their stick butter and spreadable butter and it was really good! They also sent me some great products form Oxo and some Spice Island cinnamon and nutmeg (I am now in love with nutmeg in my favorite muffin recipe). Unfortunately for me Challenge Dairy is not on the [...]

For any Musselman’s Natural Apple Sauce purchased in January 2010, the company will donate ten cents to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We are big fans of Musselman’s applesauce here and its great to know they are giving to help fight cancer. So stock up on some applesauce before the end of the month!  Musselman’s [...]

WIN SOME THING FROM MUSSELMAN’S: Musselman’s told me that they have a special treat to send my family for Christmas and one for us to give away! Not sure exactly what it will be but if you’re family likes applesauce just let me know in a comment and you could be the lucky winner! Contest [...]