Friday, April 18th, 2014

I really like baking cookies and Ben likes things that are “double” so I often put the dough close together on the sheet so he can have “double cookies”. I made a triple cookie by accident one day and it gave me the idea to make cookies shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head/ears. I made chocolate [...]

I was searching online for a good chocolate playdough and I wasn’t very happy with any of the recipes (it seems like a lot of sites just copy the same play dough recipes from other sites). So I decided to make my own recipe up yesterday and for my first attempt I am very pleased. [...]

A few months ago Heather and I had finally had enough of our old, lumpy bed. I was waking up with back pain so bad I had trouble getting into my car and we both were getting lousy sleep. I got out the measuring tape and found my side of the bed dipped 2 inches [...]

My plans for building a simple, cheap handheld ice resurfacer have move here: How to build a backyard Zamboni

Almost a year ago we had flash flooding in the area. I had a rather harrowing drive home during a torrential downpour. When I turned onto one road I could see water going over the surface. I was debating whether to gun it when I realized I could not see either guardrail…the water was that [...]

Follow this winter’s rink design and construction on my Backyard Ice Rink page. Update 12/19/2007 – I make it sound easy so it’s only fair to tell the story of my first rink Update 12/9/2007 – Find out how to build your own rink rake for under $20 Update 12/6/2007 – Here’s a tip for [...]

I made pig cupcakes for the birthday party and I thought I’d pass on the idea. At Easter I had made very similar bunny cupcakes that I saw on the Family Fun website. When I found pink marshmallows at the store I knew I needed to alter the recipe and make pigs. I used pink [...]